I’m somewhat unconventional.

I actually believe that conflict is a good thing. And I believe that effective conflict resolution is the best skill set we can teach to our children. Knowing ourselves, investing in our strengths, and understanding our weaknesses is the best investment we will ever make.

I went to the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) to better understand myself and to better understand conflict and mediation. If only the courses taught there were taught everywhere in the world.

Deborah Kerr, The Founder of Vergo

I’m also a Change Agent. I didn’t know that until I received my MA in Leadership from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. I did my thesis on The Impact of Kindness in the Workplace. If only.

I’ve long been fascinated by people stuff: how people talk to each other; how their buttons get pushed; how people see things through different lenses; how similar we are and yet how different we are. For some inexplicable reason I have always ended up bossing people around.

And speaking of different lenses, some people see that as bossiness while others see leadership. Some people see Visionary, others Shit Disturber.

Here’s the most important thing I’ve learned in my thirty-plus-year career in developing programs and services for community pharmacy and experiencing up close and personal some very poignant menopause stories: I know there is a better way.
Worldwide, right now, there are 1.9 billion women going through the menopause transition. I wonder how they are dealing with the mood swings and libido issues and memory loss and lack of sleep. I want to tell them that it will be okay.

It brings new meaning to Change Agent.


Meet Deborah Kerr. She's a huge advocate for patient-focused healthcare. After twenty years of store management in community pharmacy, and ten years of corporate management for independent pharmacy, she developed an itch. The more she scratched, the more it spread. Why does menopause take so many women by surprise? Why does it have the ability to impact relationships, and families, and workplaces. It's insidious. She found herself shouting, "there has to be a better way".

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