In Episode 9 of And Just Like That (the continuation of Sex and the City), Charlotte informs the girls over lunch that she’s finally “done, done … I haven’t gotten my period in four months so I think I’m finally in menopause”.

Well, that’s just R-O-N-G, WRONG!

Menopause is the cessation of a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months. Erratic periods are the hallmark of perimenopause, the transition leading up to menopause. Perimenopause can be lengthy, sometimes ten years, or it can be much shorter (a couple of years).

Let’s always remember the profound words of Carrie as she wrapped her jacket around Charlotte’s waist to cover the spreading red stain on Charlotte’s white pants, “You may not be as done as you think.”


  1. Charlotte is not pregnant in Episode 9, and definitely not even close to menopausal.
  2. Charlotte is still ovulating and can still get pregnant…I wonder if Charlotte is using birth control?

Hmmmm I wonder what adventures the writers have in mind?



Meet Deborah Kerr. She's a huge advocate for patient-focused healthcare. After twenty years of store management in community pharmacy, and ten years of corporate management for independent pharmacy, she developed an itch. The more she scratched, the more it spread. Why does menopause take so many women by surprise? Why does it have the ability to impact relationships, and families, and workplaces. It's insidious. She found herself shouting, "there has to be a better way".

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