Menopause back pain

For those that have experienced it, most women would agree that the menopause transition is one of the more difficult phases in her life. This is the often uncomfortable juncture when a woman’s menstrual cycles come to a permanent halt and she is now unable to give birth to children. Apart from these dramatic changes in her physical being, she can also experience many menopause symptoms and associated side effects. Common among them are frequent mood swings and general anxiety. But there is also the frequently overlooked symptom of menopause back pain that women should know about.

What Is This Pain?

A woman’s health undergoes a lot of transformation during the menopause transition. Due to the hormone imbalance, many of these changes are noticeable, such as weight gain, stiffness of joints and muscles and so on. It is because of the latter menopause symptoms that this back pain occurs. Generally, the pain is not limited only to the lower back. Rather, it also occurs in the shoulders and the muscles and joints in the same area of the body. Usually, women attribute it to age. But there are more serious causes for this pain that should be noted.

Causes Of Menopause Back Pain

One of the most crucial causes of Menopause Back Pain is that of stress and tension. By default, menopause transition can make women feel more high-strung and anxious than before. In today’s times, a busy lifestyle increases stress levels and this can lead to agonizing pain.

Lack of exercise or activity is another reason for this and many other menopause symptoms. Again, a woman tends to feel more fatigued and exhausted during menopause and this slows down her activity and energy levels significantly. However, even mild exercise is important and many women end up missing out on this.

Finally, the imbalance in hormones is a very vital factor resulting in back pain during menopause. Secretions from the glands become more inconsistent during this period and this causes pain and stiffness in many parts of the body.

Treatment Options

treatment options for menopause back pain

There are pharmacy products and prescribed medications that can be handy in reducing the intensity of  Menopause Back Pain. For a more holistic treatment there are more advanced solutions and natural remedies available.

A healthy and nourishing diet of fruits and vegetables is recommended, as are omega acids in the form of fish oil and other supplemental products. It is also advised that a woman should cut down on her intake of carbs.

Supplements of calcium and Vitamin-D are also known to prevent the occurrence of this and other common menopause symptoms and side effects.

Herbal supplements can be effective in moderating the imbalance in hormones during menopause. A woman can use them, granted they are recommended by her doctor. Having a diet rich with minerals like magnesium and potassium is also very helpful in preventing these side effects from becoming too severe and uncomfortable.


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