Dr Jen Gunter, author of best-selling must-have book for every woman The Vagina Bible, is as articulate and dedicated to women’s health as you would hope she would be. Much like our beloved mythical heroine Wonder Woman – she exudes warrior.  I was fortunate to see her up close and personal on her book promotion tour just before Covid19 shut down the world. She is warm. She is funny. She is very blunt. And she is brilliant.

Even better, Dr Gunter is in the process of writing her next book – this one about menopause – and I know she will bring the same level of evidence-based research and straight talk that she brought to The Vagina Bible. As a doctoral student I am very curious to see how she approaches menopause and where she is going to take us.

You just gotta know that a doctor with her experience, her dedication, and her ability to cut through nonsense, it is going to be a fascinating ride. I can’t wait.



Meet Deborah Kerr. She's a huge advocate for patient-focused healthcare. After twenty years of store management in community pharmacy, and ten years of corporate management for independent pharmacy, she developed an itch. The more she scratched, the more it spread. Why does menopause take so many women by surprise? Why does it have the ability to impact relationships, and families, and workplaces. It's insidious. She found herself shouting, "there has to be a better way".

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