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Your COMPLETE Guide To
Understanding Menopause

Meet Deborah Kerr, the Founder of Vergo Education and Research, our menopause education Not-For-Profit, and currently a doctoral student researching the impact of menopause education.

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Get the only all-in-one resource for embracing menopause.
With this comprehensive information, you will have a complete understanding of:

Exactly how Menopause 
affects your body.

Options for the relief
of symptoms

If taking HRT (hormone replacement
 therapy) is right for you

How to track your symptoms 
so that you and your doctor can 
make the right decision for you

Your Complete Guide to Managing Menopause – only $19.97!

Get Informed!

Our research-based information provides you with everything you need to know about menopause and being aware of your symptoms by tracking them efficiently.

Talk w/ Your Doctor

Take your knowledge (along with your tracked symptoms) and have an informed conversation with your healthcare provider. Is treatment necessary?

Create Your Menopause Roadmap

Armed with your own menopause education, and your doctor’s knowledge of your health history, you can now decide about your best treatment options.

Embrace this stage of life

deborah kerr

Deborah Kerr – Founder of Vergo

For thirty years I worked with pharmacists developing specialty programs to use with their patients.

Seeing first-hand how understanding a condition or disease empowers people, I wanted to tackle something I was experiencing on a very personal level – menopause.

Aptly referred to as “the change of life”, menopause is not an event. It can take anywhere from two years to ten years, and it is very different for every woman. Information available on the subject is vast, sometimes contradictory and almost always incomplete. While your doctor might understand the intricacies of the journey, many of our questions still go unanswered or worse … unasked.

Why I had to develop this program

I set out to change this by creating a trusted resource for women to get educated, get expert information and dispel myths while helping to minimize the potential negative impact on our intimate, personal and professional lives.

This is about the 1.9 billion women that will enter menopause by the year 2025. I humbly submit that the more knowledgeable and empowered we become, the better all those relationships will be, especially with ourselves.

With Vergo, we have developed an interactive education program that both informs and empowers women with actionable tools.
Vergo. With you on every step of your journey.

1.9 Billion Women That Will Enter Menopause By The Year 2025

Women often face many new things ALL AT ONCE: 

Fatigue, sleepless nights, night sweats, hot flashes, loss of libido, changes in hormonal environment, social pressure and ambiguous symptom management recommendations. 

Because women are so resourceful, we often go online to find information and motivation that we need to help deal with Menopause symptoms. We noticed much of the information that is available is confusing or misleading guidance to get women to purchase pharmaceuticals or vitamins that can do more harm than good. 

“This is just a stage of life that women go through, deal with it” This is an unfortunate and common remark we hear often and we are here to tell you that Menopause is manageable and there are ways to alleviate symptoms. 

So I set out on A MISSION: To help as many women as possible, that experience these issues, find their path to restoring their health and get back to feeling NORMAL again.

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