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Welcome to Vergo: The Only Menopause Resource You’ll Need

An astonishing 1.9 billion women are currently making the transition into menopause. But being part of a large faceless statistic ignores the uniqueness of your personal journey.

Your transition will differ from others not only in length, complexity and scope of symptoms, but also in the effect it has on your personal life, your sleep patterns and your general wellbeing.

Unfortunately, modern healthcare hasn’t quite caught up with the needs of women everywhere – and searching online for answers can be just as frustrating.

The Vergo Answer

The Vergo Interactive Program is an all-in-one resource for current information (in plain English!) that every woman needs to understand what’s happening to her body and to improve the quality of her life.

  • Symptom Management and Tracking
  • Medically Current and Carefully Curated
  • Comprehensive Program at Your Own Pace
  • Private & Free from Pharma: By women, for women.

A better life starts here, and knowledge is your key.